We recently went through a name change! You may previously know us as Shop Twig Kids, but as of February 1, 2018, we officially changed our name to Little Happy.


A Little Bit About My Story

After working in retail, women’s clothing & personal styling for 6 years, I stumbled upon Twig Children’s Boutique and instantly fell in love with the environment. There’s a certain charm in working with little ones’ clothing & through that came Shop Twig Kids.

Although I am not a mom myself yet, I grew up in a family of teachers and always knew I wanted to work with children. After working at a summer camp and trying to wrangle 24 four-year-olds, I instantly knew I was not cut out for teaching. With that said, I have always had a love for all things retail. I can remember sitting in my mom’s classroom after school playing store with all of her books for hours on end.

I had a serious fascination with cash registers & ringing things up. So much so, that I’ll never forget the day a cashier at Kroger let me stand behind the register and ring up our groceries. For several years, all I asked Santa for was lots of cash registers with scanners. Kind of strange now that I look back on it, but hey, we all have our weird quirks that make us unique!

It all kind of hit me at once when I realized a children’s shop is combining both of my passions, retail & children, into one! Fast forward a few years, and I officially launched my own website, (Shop Twig Kids) & now Little Happy.

With the support & love of my sweet family & friends, I have grown my business and made so many friendships along the way.

Why “Little Happy?”

Anyone who knows me knows I am always laughing or always trying to find the good in things. Not to say I don’t of course have my bad days, because duh, I’m human! 

When choosing my new name, I wanted it to be something I could build a strong brand & image around. One day I was sitting with my friends brainstorming ideas, and I was fixated on involving “happy” in the name. Just then, my friend Jeanette blurted out, “Little Happy!” and I instantly knew that was the new name. 

Little Happy opens the doors for so many fun & exciting things. A “little happy” is a term I am constantly using when giving a present or “happy” to someone. Even better, I love that Little Happy gives me the opportunity to promote kindness & positivity. 

Little Happy brings you fun & unique baby & children’s clothing, toys & accessories from all over the world. 

We are SO excited about this new chapter in our brand and it all is because of each and every one of you that I get to do what I love every day!

I hope you love the new name as much as I do, & I cannot wait to start this new chapter with all of you!